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The Return of The Old Time Collie.

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Lassie and Joe (Hills of Home – 1948)

Daisy and Joe










Heather and Clancy
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Daisy and Joe (10-18-2015)


We hope to breed this spring of 2016


4JAcres Farm is a small homestead of 12 acres. We lovingly raise our dogs to help in many different capacities. Our Scotch Farm Collies/OTFS are very loving, fun, smart and loyal. They are very versatile and can be trained to do just about anything. They are agile, giving them the ability to do their jobs well. They are not only great working, guarding and hunting dogs, but make great family pets. In the house or out they are happiest when they are with you and aim to please you.

Our goal at 4JAcres Farm is to re-create an  older type of collie once prevalent 50-100 years ago. You can see pictures and read fascinating articles about Scotch Collies at http://www.oldtimefarmshepherd.org.

Our Gabby is a foundation dog.  His father, Sojourner’s Jacob, is grandson to Dunrovin’s Ole Shep. His picture was in the May/June 2011 issue of Countryside Magazine.  His brother Diego, one litter latter, was featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Heirloom Gardener (found at Barnes & Noble).

Dunrovin’s Ole  Shep lives on through the lines of these dogs. Our Sandy is a daughter to Gabby (OTSC -F-19). Gabby’s line lives on through 4JAcres Laddie (Sandy’s son) at Six Pense Farms.  Our Heather is a daughter to Diego (OTSC -F-20).  Daisy (Heather’s daughter) will carry on the Diego line. Our future stud dog, Oscar is out of Sojourner’s Pepper who is the daughter of Sojourner’s Jacob Junior.  It is my goal to preserve the Dunrovine line through the Sojourner’s Jacob line. These are dogs that I have personally meet and have enjoyed getting to know over the past 12 years.  I believe that these dogs have all the true character/temperaments of the old Scotch Collie.

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